Alhambra Tours prices

Alhambra Tours Prices (Alcazaba, Palacios Nazaries y Generalife)

If you buy City Pass you gain free entry to the Alhambra, other monuments and museums of Granada and other benefits like free travel in urban buses, some discounts in restaurants and museums.

Alhambra Tour Packages

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Regular tour Alhambra

Join a group to visit the Alhambra and Generalife every day in the morning, for only €45 the regular guided tour includes: entrances + an Official Guides , members of AGIP (Local Association of Professional Guides).

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Private Tour Alhambra

Book an official private guide for you and/or a group of family, friends or partners, and to know in a more comfortable and more direct way the Alhambra.
As this is a private tour, you pay for the service itself not per person, so thirty people would pay like one.

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Night Tour Alhambra

The other Alhambra, "the illuminated one", is the one that you will be able to enjoy, if you hire this other visit modality where new sensations will be perceived.
As this is a private tour, you pay for the service itself not per person, so thirty people would pay like one.

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Flamenco Show

Enjoy for only € 25, of a Gypsy Zambra in one of the Caves of the Sacromote, with a drink during the flamenco show and a walk for San Nicolás.


Due to the large influx of people, it is advisable to arrive at the monument in advance, especially on weekends and public holidays.

Tickets are printed with the time of entry to the Nasrid Palaces. If you do not arrive at the indicated time, you will not be able to visit this area and the ticket price will not be refunded. This regulation is due to the preservation of the heritage and guarantees the quality of the visit.

In the case of groups, according to UNESCO's recommendations, the maximum number of people allowed per group is 30 plus a duly accredited guide or head of the group.

The Board of Trustees of the Alhambra and Generalife reserves the right to change this number downwards in accordance with UNESCO's recommendations.

This website only includes a link to booking pages of an authorised sales agent without any economic benefit, so this page will not admit any responsibility from the tickets purchase from the Internet. - Aviso

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