The Alcazaba

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The Alhambra's Alcazaba in Granda

The Alcazaba was a building used for military purposes. The first Arab constructions date back to the Caliphate period, possibly built over some ruins of a Roman fortress. In the 11th century, the "ziríes" expanded the enclosure, when Granada was the capital city of one of the "Taifas" kingdoms. Even so, the main constructions date from the "nazarie" period (13th to 15th centuries).
At this enclosure there are also some Christian additions like the round "Cubo" Tower.

At this site there is the famous "Vela" Tower: a watchtower from where we can contemplate some incomparable views of the city, the "Vega" and "Sierra Nevada" . The barracks of the soldiers have disappeared, and the underground dungeons are closed, but you can still walk around some towers, ramparts and the round walks.

Torres Bermejas

The Alcazaba, together with the "Torres Bermejas" is the oldest part of the Alhambra. It is thought that before its construction and the arrival of the Moslems to Granada, several buildings already existed at this same site. The earliest news we have of the existence of the Alcazaba of Granada dates from the 9th century. It was possibly constructed by "Sawwar ben Hamdun" during the fights between Arabs and muladíes (Christians converted to the Islam during the Moslem domination in Spain).

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