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    If you prefer a private tour, this is your choice. An official guide will accompany you in the Alhambra and Generalife to discover this wonder of the world. Of course, it is the same itinerary of the regular tour, the palaces, the fortress, the gardens... but this is a visit adapted to you, direct and personal. This option is ideal for (large) families and groups up to 30 people.

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    We´ll show you the gardens and yards, like the Partal or the Generalife Gardens; the fortress and the dungeons and, of course, the palaces of the sultans, like the Palace of the Lions or the Palace of the Throne. You´ll feel the atmosphere of the moorish culture surrounded by the perfums of the flowers and the murmuring of the water...

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    Every day at 22.00 hrs. this Zambra offers a "zambra", a form of flamenco show which is danced in caves of the Sacromonte, the gipsy district, (where some people still live!). Gipsies of the same family dance, sing and play a visceral flamenco which roots date back to the times of the moorish wedding dances in Granada. An additional atraction is the gorgeous view from the caves: the Alhambra and the Generalife by night.

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Alhambra Tour

Take an Alhambra guided tour means for the visitor a very satisfying and enriching experience. Thanks to a well-educated and knowledgeable guide is possible to know all the secrets, details and history that holds this sublime monument of Muslim art in Spain.

The Alhambra is a spectacular monument of great beauty and it receives a big number of visitors daily. In order to ensure your Alhambra guided tour, we recommend to book it in advance to avoid any setback. By Internet you can find great facilities to book conveniently from home.
Wear comfortable shoes makes easier the visit to the monument, as this takes approximately three hours. It is also important to protect yourself from the sun, in case of take the visit during the summer.

Alhambra Regular guided visit/tour

P Only available in the mornings. Every day at 10.00 am. It includes entry to the monument in the morning session, the official guide and return transport from and to your hotel. Without a doubt, this is the most convenient option...We don't only go out from Granada, but also from Seville, Málaga and Costa del Sol.

Regular Guided Tour


F An unique opportunity to watch a genuine flamenco show at its best. Any visit to Granada would not be complete without visiting the Alhambra and seeing live authentic gypsy dancing. We provide a free drink of your choice to consume during the performance or a typical andalusian dinner. The cave "La Canastera" specialises in Zambra that is normally performed by a gypsy family. The performance represents the rich tradition of gypsy folklore.


Private Night Tour

N The other Alhambra, "the illuminated one", is the one that you will be able to enjoy, if you hire this other visit modality where new sensations will be perceived. As this is a private tour, you pay for the service itself not per person, so thirty people would pay like one.

Night Tour

For Book your Guide Tour to the Alhambra